A little (or a lot of) support for the well endowed Sisters out there
by Lauren Marini
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Most of the yoga sports bras featured these days are have really stepped up their game from their dated relatives past. In fact, they’re flat-out pretty: delicate, strappy, and completely unwearable for any girl over a small B cup. If you’re like me (re: NOT a small A cup), you’re probably used to envying the intricate bra on the girl in front of you because you know you’d have an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as soon as you hit downward dog. This article is for my ladies who need a little more support but still want to look stylish, two things that shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Lorna Jane

This Australia-based brand is my personal favorite.  Lorna Jane has a huge selection of bras in every color of the rainbow, removable padding, and sizes ranging from XS-XL. Styles range from your basic shapes to more elaborate hooks and straps, but still provide tons of support and stability. My favorite bras have adjustable straps with a small hook and circle in the back that allow you to switch to a sturdier racerback style.*


*Pro-tip: look for styles with adjustable straps. You’ll have a good chance of getting the best fit out of a bra that you can tighten/loosen and change strap placement to your liking.


Lucy is a women’s workout line that has lots of shape and size options for the well-endowed sister. Pick up one with adjustable straps or hook options in the back, or one that fits perfectly from the get-go.



Opt for almost any bra from this classic line and you’ll be set. Keep it classic, pick one with a zip-up front, or one with a more feminine, bra-like fit in lots of color choices, and you can sweat it out worry-free.

Get a more feminine edge with this v-neckline and shaping cups.



The old standby. Most articles recommend the Ta Ta Tamer as a good basic heavy-duty bra, and for a good reason. Consider this your staple. It’s fully adjustable: it fastens in the back like a regular bra, and the straps can be rearranged to whatever configuration suits you the best. I own one myself and I love it for higher impact workouts like running. As yoga-centered as us Sisters are, we do other workouts as well – surprise! Throw this bra in your gym bag for your spin classes or crossfit sessions.


Alright ladies… Take your pick and try em out. If you’ve got a fave that wasn’t mentioned, show your support and add it in the comments below!

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