Online Manifesting Moon Circle
by Jacqueline Smyth

Holy Moly! It is the end of another year. The end of a year that has taken it’s toll on a lot of people. For me, I see it as a definite year of transformation. I have felt all the feels, I have sunk low and catapulted high. I have uncovered more of myself.

And that, that is worth every single second of this year… Good and bad.

Since it is the closing of this mighty chapter, I figured we should ring the New Year in with manifesting…

a clean slate

Because who doesn’t need that, right? This time around we’ll run it a little differently. You’ll receive a few rituals to do, you can do all, you can pick and choose what resonates with you. The main goal in this is to get conscious about where you’re at. What came up for you during the exercises, and what you want to move forward with. Often times when you are in the midst of letting go, what you really want shows up all by itself.

You just have to be in action.

So by the time we meet collectively, we’ve done the work. We have the insights. And now any remaining blockages can be cleared away. Oh… And we’ll be in for some amazing rituals moving us forward.

It’s funny, when I started this last summer, I would’ve never guessed that I’d meet women I’ve become closer to than many of my friends. We’ve formed a community, and you have my deepest appreciation for showing up, and showing your vulnerabilities. You have my deepest appreciation for wanted more and taking a stand for your life.

I can’t wait to see you in the circle to close out this year.



*You may notice a price increase. I’m switching the Manifesting Moon Circles from every month to 4 times a year to allow me to get much more specific on the work we do, and the gifts are that much more specialized. This month the gift box is so good. So so good. Gifts to cleanse, pay it forward, feel good in your mind and body… And your alter set-up of course. There’s a bunch… ♥  For a clean slate to exist, you’ve gotta feel like you have one.

The Manifesting

Manifesting is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. It’s the law of the Universe that I believe in.

Have you ever written something, felt it coming, or even said that you were going to get something, you didn’t know how, you just were? Long ago, I started to notice synchronicity in the things I wrote in my journal, the things I called out to friends and family, the gut instincts about people or where my path was headed. So I started to enquire further. I began to really dive into the topic of manifesting and how to do it. From rituals, to exercises, I explored… And the more I explored? The more I made the things I want happen.

In this group online circle, we’ll be exploring new and old activities to manifest. Every month we’ll switch up the topic, expanding our curiosity and honing in on what works for each of us.

The Moon Circle

The New Moon occurs on the first day of the Lunar Cycle. It’s a clean slate, a time to create whatever it is that you’d like. And I wanted to bring my online community together to manifest from near and far.

It’s a safe place where you can share what’s really going on, about the real deals in your life. Where “what happens in the circle stays in the circle”, and you’ll build lasting friendships and bonds through the innate essence of being a woman. It’s a common bond we have as the feminine: To relate, to be heard, and to find a place that feels like home.

The New Moon is a chance for possibility and to plant seeds for the cycle to come. It’s a clean slate, and the time above all else to claim what it is that you want.

The Online Platform

Okay, okay… So it’s definitely not the normal tradition. However! Our world is evolving. And we can use the benefits of technology and evolve with it.

When I could see my love for connection and my love for manifesting unite, I took it on as my personal mission to bring together like-minded Goddesses that maybe haven’t been introduced to experiences like this. Women from different cities, and different countries. Women who want to take the reigns of their lives in their own hands, get in the drivers seat, and have the support of an epic and beautiful community to do it.

The coaching

The last section of our time together turns into a group coaching call. I take it very seriously whether or not you get what you want in life, and while setting intentions and rituals are right on par…

It matters the way you speak, it matters the way you think.

And it’s my job to align those with everything else we do in the circle.

I want you to have what you want, and it’s my goal to get it for you.

Video in, that’s all you have to do.

And the gift of doing it in your own home? To unite the private sanctuary and public connection. Divine.

A space to share. A sacred space to connect.

A space to bring our dreams into fruition.

In December we’re manifesting … A CLEAN SLATE.
Next Upcoming Moon Circle: December 29th
6-9pm PST
You must register by December 23rd to ensure that your care package comes for you in time.
Space is limited to keep the space sacred and intimate.

Moon Circle

7-10pm PST

Topic: abundance


Spots still available

Price: $169.00

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If you want to do a New Moon Ritual on your own, but need the tools, goodies, and ritual? I made this for you! This isn’t the same gift box as with the Circle, just a note 🙂 It has everything you’ll need though.

You can read more about it here.

New Moon Ritual Gift Set

Spots are still available

Price: $39.00

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When you sign up you’ll:

  • Be sent an Introductory Email to read about my experience with the topic, and the breakdown of the event.
  • Receive a care package that includes everything you need for our manifesting exercises.
  • The care package will also provide some feel good, set the mood, gifts for you.

**Any questions involving participating? Absolutely reach out and ask.


And so it is.

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