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by Jacqueline Smyth
Bali Retreat - Sisterhood of the Traveling Mats

I know what it’s like to be lost in the world. And I know what it’s like to go out and find myself in the world as well.

That’s what sparked this process for me.

And through that, I created this retreat.

I created this retreat so you can discover parts of yourself out there in the world, little clues to help you come alive in your life, and so you can get really clear on what you want. Because when you can be clear on what you want? I can help you call it in. This much I know.

Each year, at my home away from home, the beautiful Naya Ubud we’ll stay, enjoying organic meals, yoga, meditation, and practicing rituals from around the world (Bali and otherwise) to Manifest your vision. Holding a space to create a picture of what you want, and this year we’re getting much more specific on how you can create it. Because we’ve shifted it over New Years, it give a whole new spin to what we did last year, and we’re kicking it up a notch. If you’d like to know how this years attendees felt about their experience with me, scroll down to the bottom.

Yoga, workshops, time to relax, and TONS of adventures… my favorite experiences from the island, and this round some brand new adventures. It’s my job in the world to create these adventures, so people can fall in love with their lives, and come alive. That’s been my mission since the beginning and it’s the one thing that has never faltered.

Magic + Manifest

What more could you possibly ask for?

What’s Included

  • 2 Daily Yoga and/or Meditation practices.
    • We’ll be switching it from Sweaty Flows to Sweet Restoratives. Different days, different practices to help you blossom in the environment, but also aid in the transformative process. Fully curated to the experience.
  • Coaching // this is woven in through the whole practice, and you’ll receive private coaching sessions to assist you in growth when you need them.
  • ADVENTURES // I handpick all of my favorite experiences on the island, the little known secrets, and share them all with you.
  • All meals.
  • Airport Transfers on the day the retreat begins and the day it ends.
  • One massage, daily coconut, and daily green juice.
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Tools to keep forward movement in your life.
  • An experience you will truly never forget.

I lived in Bali for quite some time. I had my son there. I’ve been multiple times, and every single time I go I experience a transformation. It’s the land of wishes, and I want to take you there because I’ve seen the gravity of the magic that is Bali. I’ve seen it on my own, and now I’ve had the pleasure of watching it unfold for others as well.

I come alive there. And I know, without a doubt, that you will too.

You ready…?

the rainbow rooms

Perfect for solo travelers, or sharing with friends! You can select to be matched with a roommate as well.


A love nest for two, or just for you. I value taking myself on my own private honeymoon now and then ♥


A perfect, tranquil and serene getaway.


This is the very first room I saw, years and years ago… And it is my absolute favorite. Perfect for a group, or if you’d like to really treat yourself.

♥ Pricing breakdown ♥

NAYA price breakdown 2018

If you’re called to it, say YES.

The Universe has an amazing way of unfolding for you when you are clear on what you want.

(#1 Rule of Manifesting… ♥)

  • Early Bird Pricing ends February 16th. Just your security deposit has to be in to secure that price.

* 1/2 of the total is due by March 9th, 2018, the remaining balance is due by May 16th, 2018

Like I said, if this is something that calls to you, there’s probably a reason why. I stand for supporting people in making things happen in their lives, and I’d be proud to assist you to do the very same. This could be where it starts, you know?



Bali Retreat Deposit

Spots are still available

Price: $700.00

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*all deposits are non-refundable


The Testimonials

As a guy traveling to the other side of the world for a yoga retreat, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up. Not only did the Bali retreat exceed my expectations in so many amazing ways, but Jackie taught me to let go of expectations altogether and truly be alive. There’s no better way I could have started my New Year than with the magic of Bali, and even better, the magic of Jackie.
Kenneth Borg
From the people she attracts to the places she goes, Jackie’s retreat is pure magic. Her spiritual connection to Bali made her the perfect tour guide to experiencing the country I have dreamed of going to for a lifetime. Just say yes and go – there really is no other answer but yes.
Lila Abramson
I can’t really describe in words what Bali was like since it is more of a feeling than a place. It’s MAGICAL!…is all I could tell people upon my return and that word doesn’t even say it all. I arrived feeling lost, nervous, stressed, and uncomfortable since I just quit my steady job of 4 years and was traveling alone. Let’s just say I left feeling loved, healthy, stronger, happier, inspired, and had real clarity for the road ahead. The tribe of people Jackie attracted not only were hilarious, loving, and supportive during the retreat but continue to be my good friends and support system after. It’s only been one month and I have hung out with them multiple times and the ones in other states have already planned visits. The insane views, the amazing yoga classes, the delicious healthy food, the friendly monkeys, the motorcycle rides, and the beautiful sunsets were amazing but I think the laughs, love, and transformation was even better. Let’s just say I will probably be back next year!
-Jamie Wirht
Bali was pulling at my heart strings for a few years now. I did not know why, when or how and then this beautiful soul Jackie from Sisterhood of the Traveling Mats shared that she was gong to be hosting a yoga retreat in Bali. From the first connection I had with her, I knew I wanted to experience my first yoga retreat with her in Bali, a place where she has lived and spent time connecting with herself. Jackie, is a beautiful and captivating human who’s words resonate deep to your core, her yoga flows move you in pure feels and creativity and her coaching is open, raw, authentic, in a language that will make a lifetime imprint. If you are seeking beyond, the traditional mold of retreats, if your are seeking something that will live in you for years to come, then pack your bags, but make sure to leave room for a stripped soul upon your return. What is Bali? Bali peaceful, yet energetic, humble, grounded and full of life, its the perfect place to re-awaken the soul, to dream again, to let go of fears, to surrender to what is and get to know yourself, your authentic self even better.
-Yanai Calderon

To put it simply, Bali was transformational. The Magic and Manifesting retreat was an amazing adventure filled with life changing conversations and friendships. Down to the very last detail, Jackie created an inviting space where I could open myself up, feel completely safe and embrace the magnificent energy that surrounded me.

-Mandi Briggs

This was a completely transformative experience for me to say the least. The significance in that is I have this over-analytical mind that never really allows me to just let go, live in the moment and ‘feel’ my way through. What amazed me about this retreat is how I broke through barriers on this trip, mentally and physically, which I had significant doubts about being able do previously. Physically, I became more flexible than ever. Mentally, I learned how to shut my crazy, always spinning mind, off. That was a very liberating feeling.
Jackie was beyond impressive. I have a background in psychology and how she led this retreat from a group therapy perspective was simply amazing. It’s difficult to describe all the layers to Jackie’s talent and how she applies it on this retreat. Part of it is this amazing, totally zen, yoga insruction. Part of it some of the best cognitive behavioral therapy you can get without even realizing it. Part of it is just pure, supportive, relaxing energy in a ‘follow what makes you happy” kind of way. A lot of it is laughing and smiling because she has a super infectious laugh.
You will forever feel a connection to Bali and Jackie after this experience. Beyond all the great friendships I made on this retreat, that’s what I’m most thankful for.
-Matthew Bauer




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