Online Women’s Full Moon Circle
by Jacqueline Smyth

Well hello there, moon child…

There has been a great deal of interest in the Moon as of late. The energy, the mystery, and the powerful pull of Lady Luna.

The Full Moon occurs half way through the 28 day Lunar cycle. While the New Moon Circles are a great time to set a goal, map out, and get clear on your intentions- the Full Moon is a time to release what’s holding you back.

Think of it this way… Think of any goal you have ever set and completed. You set the goal, you achieve it- but between those two bookends, a lot of obstacles come up. This would be the phase where you see the obstacles, and you choose to release them.

For centuries women have gathered around the time of the moon  Now it has transformed into an experience for our bleeding hearts to learn to speak our truths, learn to listen, and ask new questions that pave the way for the women we are on our way to becoming.

It’s a safe place where you can share what’s really going on, about the reality in your own life. Where “what happens in the circle stays in the circle”, and you’ll build lasting friendships and bonds through the innate essence of being a woman. It’s a common bond we have as the feminine: To relate, and to find a place that feels like home.

To be Held. To be Heard. To Shed.

To Find Connection.

I create this kind of platform for you so no matter where you are, no matter if you know others doing things like this… If this calls to you, please come. If you need support… It’s here. Grab some snacks, a drink, light a candle… Whatever you like. Get comfy. Open your computer and join the Sisterhood. It’s as easy as that.

There’s something magical that happens when you hear yourself in other women. A like mind, a like soul.

You’re reminded that you are never alone… And it would be my pleasure to help with that.

Next Full Moon Circle: SUNDAY, March 12th, 5-8PM PST

* Space is limited to ensure an intimate setting *

Full Moon Women’s Circle

Spots are still available

Price: $29.00

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Let’s connect, near and far… And create community. Because at the end of the day, I’d like to unite with everyone who believes in this platform, and the thing that I do… Under the light of the moon, of course.

And so it is.


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Jacqueline Smyth

Proud mama. Destination Coach and Yoga Teacher. Writer. Traveler. Story Collector. Believer.

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