The (Um, Definite) Upside of Juicing With Juicero
by Jacqueline Smyth

“Change isn’t easy for any of us,

but when it comes to your health, it is worth it.”

Ah, that age old idea that change, especially in the form of health, has to be hard. While, yes it is worth it, I don’t believe anything on the path to enlightenment should be hard. Not in any category, but especially not in the body category.

I value health, of course, but moreover I value things that make me feel good and things that are filled with ease. I’m not a woman who is going to starve myself, or count calories, or even diet. I believe that if I get tuned into my body, I can truly have all three. Health, enjoyment, and ease. And when you find a company that believes in the very same thing?? Well, I rarely do, so this is truly a match made in beverage heaven.

If you haven’t had the pleasure already, let me introduce you to a new (amazing) company, Juicero.

I have, on numerous occasion in my life, been made fun of and teased about loving drinks. I’m the person at the table at dinner with an assortment of different beverages layered out in front of me. And I’m also the girl with a coffee mug in hand (always), juice and water bottles peaking out of my purse. If you ever run into me, ask me. 100%, I’m never low on the drink supply. My Golden Girl nickname? Bev. Not even picked out for me by me.

I say this all so you can understand, I can be a little judgy when it comes to the quality of drinks.

My first interaction (if you can call it that) with Juicero, was actually me overhearing a conversation about them. About how they “are revolutionizing the juice world”. Yes, that is indeed a direct quote. Whether or not my ears perked up because of the topic remains to be unseen. However, the flip side of this is that there’s always another company doing another thing, and for me it has always translated to more money being spent, more things I probably don’t need, and more of a hassle. Translation? My eyes gloss over.

However, I’m really lucky that I came into direct contact with them a few months later by star alignment (duh, that’s how I do everything), and they’ve absolutely transformed every single one of those thoughts, and even inspired me in the process.

Enough about me, meet Juicero!

Please see this handy video, which I’m pretty sure encompasses ALL of our juicing experiences. #nailedit

I gotta say, I like Doug. And Doug, I have juice in my veins too, my friend. To be honest, this video pretty much encompasses the feel of Juicero.

  • Smart.
  • Fast.
  • Easy.

To which I literally dance around with my arms swinging wildly in the air. Picture it, it’s real. And as a plus, you’ll feel like it has a sense of humour as well.

Here are some other fun facts that aren’t featured.

You get a subscription to the juices.

The packs are delivered to your foot door as often as you’d like. You can pick and choose what works for you, or pick a preselected bundle. Oh, and make sure to refrigerate the packs upon arrival (I failed at this round one, go me).

The Rosie effect.

Do you remember the Jetson’s? Well as a child of the 80’s I sincerely hope you do. In either case, Rosie was the character on the Jetson’s that was their maid. And Rosie just happened to be a robot. The thing about Juicero is that she (yeah, you heard me) starts to come to life in an odd way. You get your packs delivered, you sync up on your wifi, and suddenly when you start to juice you get notifications right to your phone about the nutrients in your juice! Little reminders here and there, and I’ve gotta be honest- in a day where community is becoming more and more extinct- yeah, it’s really nice to have your Juicer tell you why you’re being healthy.

What’s in the packs, you ask? Um, GOLD.

So, I was curious about how these things actually work. Like, I know it’s easy, but is it just mush in there? Short answer: NOPE. Juicero harvests their own fruit and vegetables from their selected farms. Everything is 100% organic, raw, and Non-GMO. The produce is picked, cared for, washed and then chopped up, and sealed in the totally compostable pouches- no water added to them and never frozen. You get fresh produce hand delivered, easy to make, and ready to consume within days of it being harvested. Yeah, to reiterate… Gold.

But what about the juice?

They actually alluded to it in the video above. It said “The best juice”. Interestingly enough? That’s all it said, but that was my biggest shock. Just how good the juice actually is. This isn’t one that I can show you, but the information above about my love affair of the liquid kind should give you a hint. The fact that I can trade in my Venice Beach juice buying habit to just enjoy whenever I want at home… And it’s better? Jackpot.

But if you can’t take my word for it? Click here to find a local Juicero partner to experience it for yourself.

You know how they say you are who you surround yourself with? Well, I believe you are what you surround yourself with too. And if you start buying products that are made by companies who not only care about what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it?

It’s about the quality. Quality of product, quality of health, quality of freedom, and quality of life. Especially now, we all need more of this.

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