Villa Kubu: Magic, Meditation, and the Source of how my life Unfolded.
by Jacqueline Smyth

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

By far my favorite quote, and for a girl who loves quotes as much as I do… That’s setting the bar really high. I’ve actually been using it more and more recently, as I’ve realized how true it really is. And I proudly place it here in this odd place (a hotel feature) for a very specific reason.

It’s because this is the place where I spoke aloud by far the biggest claim about bringing something into my life that I have ever made, and then watched as it unfolded, almost as quickly as it would’ve with the tide, right into my life.

So this may be the most personal thing I’ve ever put on the Internet. I’ve said that a few times as of late, and the more I write, the more I grow, the more honest and vulnerable I’m finding that I have the ability to be. If you’re a reader of mine you know that I absolutely believe in claiming what you want and the power of your word. But there’s a very real reason I so strongly do… So for that, we have to go back in time a bit… About 6 years.

6 years ago marks the first visit of mine to Bali, and my yoga teacher training is what led me there. Yoga came to me at a time where I started to understand that I wasn’t living a life I was passionate about. It was a life that I had been convinced I should be living, and yet, when I was actually living it, it felt empty. I looked around at successful people in my field, I’d listen to them talk, I’d notice a sort of fire in their eyes, a real commitment to the work that they were doing. And if I was really honest with myself?

It wasn’t there for me.

So yoga came in. And just like that, the domino effect began. Teacher training. Bali.

The path quickly began to unfold, and it finally did so with ease.

So I went. And I fell deeper in love with yoga, and with traveling, and definitely with Bali. But what I really fell in love with was my own life. I really hate to glaze over this time because it was so full of vivd experiences, one thing leading right to the next, but we’ve gotta stay on topic here… or this blog post will turn into a book. (*future note*)

I also fell in love with two people: My mentor who taught my yoga teacher training, and her 4 year old daughter, Olivia. Both separately and apart. You see, she was this stunning Korean woman who, without ever meaning to, showed me everything that I had wanted more of in my life: Independence. Sensuality. Passion. Knowledge. Experience. She was a leader. And she had made a life of traveling around from country to country leading teacher trainings and retreats, and all the while had this rad little girl by her side.

I mean, who wouldn’t be smitten. They are amazing souls.

So I did my TT, traveled a bit more, and refused to leave until my Visa extension ran out. I filled my time with freedom and with the instinct that I was finally on my path… It absolutely marked the beginning of me growing into my own skin. So as the time dwindled down I decided that for my last night I was going to find a place to really celebrate what I had done for myself. I don’t mean in the going out and partying or shopping or whatever excessive vice way that we usually celebrate. This was different. I wanted to find a place to stay where I could reflect, own and feel into who I had become.

So I found Villa Kubu.

I wanted to represent my trip properly, and I had kind of stumbled on it, but when I saw the villas, oh man… I’m a sanctuary girl, and this was the sanctuary world (if I could insert emojis here, imagine 10 little hands up, maybe confetti).

And right away, they were amazing. I was a late check in, and because they had a two bedroom villa available and I was by myself, they offered it to me because it was my last night… Just to be kind. And with kindness like that, it just really made it that much more meaningful.

Kindness aside, here’s where it gets interesting…

On my last night in Bali, I did all the last minute things. The window shopping, the motorbike riding, the beach sunset, and I had a call with my Dad. Through the two months in Bali I hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to check in, so this call ended up being quite the catch up. And I went through it all… The training, the friendships, the learning, the lessons, all of the love I had discovered.

And then I told him about my mentor. I told him about who she was, and what she did, and her daughter. I went on and on, and then stopped. He asked me why I admired her so much.

“I don’t know, I’ve just seen another way it can be done, I don’t know if I’m meant for the traditional norm”, I said. “I see a baby coming, but I don’t see a man.”



So if you know me, or my path forward… You know right there what that is. That’s the moment.

To which my Dad actually cried out “WHYYYYYYYYYYY would you say that!??!??!”

The answer I didn’t know. The answer, as it is now, is peacefully sleeping in his crib in the next room.

And as my definitely untraditional path to motherhood unfolded not even a year later, I cried right back to my Dad “WHYYYYYYYYYY is this happening in my life?!?!?!”

He said only one thing, “Girl. You have called this out into the Universe.”

It was a verbal slap in the face. Not by my Dad, but by the Universe.

Wake up. (Clap Clap)

So on this most recent trip to Bali, I had really been feeling like this trip was the culmination of something. A period in time, or a chapter.

First me…

Then I returned to bring my child into the world…

And now we were back to where we both came alive.

Villa Kubu came up for me for me on this last travel to Bali. Strongly. And when I reached out about staying there for the last few days of my trip, I didn’t hear back for a bit. I had done it on Instagram, so you know… no expectation really. But when I had to leave my last house and was scrambling to book a hotel or Airbnb with no responses and check out time within the hour, who do I get an email from?

Yep. Magic.

Magical things take place more easily in magical places. Within that very hour I was back in the very same villa I had been in when the conversation with my dad occurred. Only now I looked down at the little blonde boy next to me. There are some moments that you just will never have the words to describe. There isn’t a language full enough.

This was one of them.

To hear those words swirl in my head, and look down at the living, breathing proof that your word is magic.


I like life like that. There are no coincidences. And everyone there was just as magical and amazing as they were the first time. So on my last night on this trip, I ended it in the same exact place. With the exact same energy. Except this time, a teeny baby sleeping in a stunning villa, my girlfriends and I lighting lanterns and laughing on the porch, and speaking aloud more of what I want in very different areas, in very different topics.

And now I know, it’s coming… I cannot wait to see it unfold.


Villa Kubu is a collection of charming luxury villas, each with a private pool, in the heart of Seminyak, Bali – complimented with a dedicated service team providing everything from room maids to round the clock security along with a 24-hour front desk & concierge. Within this private realm, its facilities include a renowned day spa, Spa Venus, and the Oasis Restaurant and Bar.



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