Ways to use crystals with the elements
by Lacy Phillips

Minerals’ vibrational frequencies have been used for centuries as healing components in Ayurvedic medicine, as well as in combination with the moon’s energy, and fasting. I think you can really pump up some heavy manifestation, clearing, attracting by energetically shifting energy with these beautiful powerhouses.

As crystals are a frequency collector of all types of energy: guest’s energy, negative energy, sad energy, unwanted energy, and so forth, it’s important to constantly cleanse these minerals’ stagnation with natural elements to help heighten their potent individual properties to truly elevate your space, body, and mind.

And for the skeptic at heart, at least they make for beautiful design elements in your personal space that secretly work for you even when you don’t believe in them.




Placing all of your beloved crystals under a full moon is a wonderful way to cleanse the stagnant energy that can collect in your home overtime. It also helps to deepen the intentions that you are personally trying to cleanse under each individual Full Moon.


This is a time when the moon is open and incredibly ready to receive your intentions and manifestations. Placing your minerals under this powerful dark lunar is a beautiful way to cleanse their collected energetic clusters and truly anchor in each intentional seed you are planting.


Have you ever watched how much more vibrant your garden grows from the water of the rain versus the water from your hose? It’s powerful, fast, strong, and synergistic. The same purity is poured onto your crystals when placed under water from the heavens. Energetic matter simply drains away from your minerals leaving your with strong and purposeful crystals ready to get to work for you in your space.


Clear, bright, and ready to help grow any seed planted is the essence at hand working for you when you feel that the energy in your home has gotten much to stagnant and weighed down. Simply place your minerals under the vibrancy of the sun to sterilize any energetic clusters and use the powerful force of the sun’s rays to help beam the light inside your soul and heart.


The most powerful cleansing pool one can imagine. Filled with so much earth energy and its own minerals to literally suck away negative ions and recharge your crystals with positive ones. Run your minerals through the tide to take home the constant life force of the ocean, and to help you sail to your deepest intended places.

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Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips is the lead exclusive private chef behind NATIVE foods that specializes in crafting medicinal grade, holistic meals comprised of native herbs, grains, fermented foods and produce. She is also the executive editor for FREE + NATIVE, a modern journal for holistic living. And a soul that uses her magic powers for good.
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    Thank you so much for this post, so so inspiring to see other young women who just like me have a child, a coanpmy and a spiritual path. Love / Miawww.hippiechic.blogg.se

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