What I know about Manifesting Love… Psst… This month’s Moon Circle Topic.
by Jacqueline Smyth

Hmm… Even as I typed out the above title of this article I have to admit, it’s a rather uncomfortable topic. Manifesting love. Okay, so we all love the idea of love, and we all want to fall in love. Obviously. But what do any of us actually know about until you find it?

A few months ago when I started planning my Online Manifesting Moon Circles, I came up with hot topics that we all want: Money, love, opportunity, signs from the universe… and when I started to work on them, the topic of love really held me up. So like any investigative journalist of the soul, I took to Google.

I wanted to know what was out there about manifesting love, and maybe some fun rituals to add in for the experience. However what I found was almost embarrassing, and definitely a little creepy. As I read through article upon article by excited authors with a shit load of exclamation points advising how to ‘manifest love in 13 easy steps’, or ‘here’s how to manifest love with a specific person’ (See? Totally creepy.), and countless lists of PDF downloads, affirmations, and cheesy to do’s.

To say the least, I was overwhelmed, underwhelmed, and just plain put off.

I’ll be honest, I have my fair share of stories of times where I locked eyes with someone across a room, or saw a photo of someone and made some off the cuff joke or remark pointing toward something greater- and suddenly that person begins to pop up in my life everywhere. And randomly, too (but come on, if you know me, you know I think nothing is random.).

I have lists upon lists of run ins like that, and I’ll admit, it’s actually pretty cool when that stuff starts to happen. But it also leads your mind into the direction of “Oh, this must mean something”.

Now this may not make immediate sense to you but stick with me… In recent months I had a realization that that way of thinking can lead you quickly into dangerous territory. And remember who this is coming from… A woman who believes everything means something.

But what if you shifted that idea of it meaning something? What if you reprogrammed your brain instead to say, “Oh, this is happening because I asked for it.”

It’s the slightest difference. Do you see it?

It may not be a big deal to you, but it was a big deal to me. Suddenly I could see where I could stand in my power when it came to love.

  • One is happening to me, and the other is because I called it in.
  • One is the victim and bystander.
  • One is the creator and source.

And so, I’ll be clear… I want to be the creator. I want to be the source of what happens in my life. In fact, I AM the creator, I AM the source of what happens in my life.  Say it with me, I AM the creator. This is the way to practice and preach taking 100% responsibility for your love, for your life, etc.


But still, the idea of manifesting love doesn’t quite jive with me. I’ve definitely done it. And looking back, what did I gain?

Here’s what I know, it doesn’t really work for me. You can do it. In our age of immediate gratification it may work for right now. But, the end result of having something greater is the purpose, right? What I personally believe is that there’s probably someone out there for all of us. And how do I think the art of manifesting is an incredibly positive tool in finding love?

It’s that you can fall in love with what you’ve already got. Which will in turn put you in line with your Soul’s Path. And your Soul’s real path? Well, it will align you with the Soul you’re meant to find.

Because no matter what, you can bring a great guy or gal in, or whomever it is that you asked for… It won’t matter if you’re not living in line with your purpose. You may not be ready. You may need growth. They may not be ready. They may need growth. You may need a million different things that you just don’t have right now.

So why don’t we build a strong foundation first? Why can’t we manifest that?

Well… We can.

Here’s what I really want:

I want to live my life fully and create my own adventure. I want to live a life I’m totally in love with. And then I want someone who’s doing the exact same thing to unexpectedly bump into me out there in the world. I want that kind of surprise… And I don’t necessarily want to see it coming. I want to be a magnet… You know how it goes: Like attracts like.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on in the circle this month.

We’re going to put a spin on this manifesting love business, and manifest it in our own lives. It’s not always easy, just as many high’s as you have? They can swing back the other way- and that’s where you need the support. The support to say, this is the life I want to live, this is the kind of person I want to attract because that’s who I am.

Uou are not broken. You, my dear, are whole and complete.

And that has to come first.

We’ll do some rituals. We’ll hold the space to clear patterns and let go of any baggage we’ve been holding onto. We’ll receive some amazing gifts as well.

And we’ll get clear.

I stand for creating that sort of energy to put out there into the world, and that goes for if you’re single, taken, looking, uninterested, complicated… W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r. You need to love you, because you cannot give away what you do not have.

You are whole.

Let’s celebrate that belief and recharge.

This month’s gift box is full of goodies and surprises… not to mention gifts from Open Heart Warrior and Moon Body Soul.

See you in the Circle, loves… 😉

PS- Do you have any insights about manifesting love? I’d love to hear them… Leave me a comment! Let’s start a conversation about it!


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  1. Kori says:

    This is beautiful. I really love love! What a great topic!

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