What’s Included
by Jacqueline Smyth

the vision

It’s the human condition to focus on things like what is not happening, what is holding us back, the reasons why we can’t- but it’s not terribly hard to switch the focus. To be reminded to look forward, and to keep being fed the ammunition we need to move ahead. To implement small tools to enhance your daily experience in your life, and keep you looking forward, this platform is designed in an incredibly specific way.
I believe and have studied how our brains work and how we can create what we want, by understanding what to move our focus toward and when to do it. I have created a layering effect to attaining what you want. So what I’ve just mentioned is how I created the formula of the site, and the part that I’ll be fully responsible for.
For obvious reasons, I like to call it ‘Breadcrumbing’. You keep picking up the pieces, and before you know it you find yourself farther down that path, and closer to what you want, until finally there you are.

Each month we’ll be focusing on a different topic.

From tangible and external areas like Fitness, Yoga and Beauty all the way to the more internal topics like Boundaries, Integrity, Love, and Clearing the Slate- each month will be thoroughly dedicated to one area. Because it takes 21 days to form a habit, to let a vision gel, and have a new bar set in that area of your life.

How is the focus implemented throughout the month, you ask?

I’ve searched high and low, looked into the best way I and others, learn, and created what I was craving and couldn’t find. Without further adieu…

  • A daily question, prompt or tool to use throughout the day. A tiny addition to your day giving you the ability to experience another layer of the topic at hand.
  • A daily quote to inspire you to move forward, either holding your hand, or perhaps offering you a fresh perspective to look at the topic through.
  • Members Coupons
  • BOOK CLUB. Yes I just capitalised book club… Because, obviously. All my favorite finds that have changed my life? Fuck yeah we’re gonna do them together.
  • Live Events. Welcome to Traveling Mats TV. Within the month, every live video will be focused on the monthly theme. Here’s a list of just some of the events that will be provided, always switching it up, always keeping it fresh. Either led by me, or led by someone I fully trust in their craft, here’s a list of what’s offered in video.
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • An array of workouts with guest teachers
    • Workshops
    • Rituals
    • Moon Circles
    • Nidras
    • And my favorite, Live Hangouts with Special Guests. File these under people you already know, or people you absolutely need to know. Either way, hangouts provide an easy and attainable listen, great conversation, and more than anything insight and perspective to what works for others… And mostly? You’ll get to laugh along the way.

What happens to all of these videos after we’re live?

Well, they’ll go in a gallery for you to look back on any time you like.

And what happens when the month is through?

The gallery will be accessible in that theme’s file, for you to go back and study any time in the future- and for as long as you’re a member, you’ll be able to go back and watch them.

And here’s where the community comes in…

We have live chat rooms and forums. You know those sections on the blog? The ones that take you to different topics? Yeah, once you log in as a member, those same sections become live forums. Whether you are going through something that month in our process and want to connect, or you find something rad online and want to share it- THIS is the spot.

A last offering, one that happens to be my favorite.

Once you’re a member, you can write articles for the site.
Becoming a writer in this field can be scary. Designing a site, feeling good about what your putting out there, and especially wanting to have credentials- it takes courage. This is my favorite because you won’t be alone in it. I’ll work with you to approve the article ideas, and I’ll be your Editor. I want you to get your feet wet, get your legs underneath you, and THRIVE. If this is something you’re interested in, I’m here to help.

I can’t think of a thing I’ve left out, can you?

This is a safe space, to learn and grow privately, to do the daily work that you want and that speaks to you, and have a whole lot of fun along the way. Because Self Help doesn’t have to be so out there, and it isn’t. We’re all striving to be our best selves, and there’s no reason why we have to wrack our brains with books and writing, and workbooks, and courses. It can be easier.
I believe that it doesn’t take much to fully create the life you want.
I believe that with more people on your team, the energy multiplies.
I believe in the power of and ease of daily reminders to stay on track.
A community who believes. A safe space to be vulnerable.
The ability to laugh our way through it, and learn about these things as if it were the cool thing to do.

Because it is.



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