Why a place like this is important.
by Jacqueline Smyth

This year, as I took a little space from the internet, and started honing in on what I actually needed- it struck me that a lot of what I was looking for wasn’t available. There’s a multitude of reasons why I created this membership, but the three that had me throw all caution to the wind? I not only believe that they’re invaluable, I believe that having a place that’s based on the below ideals can change your life.


Privacy, please.

Here’s the thing, I live pretty openly. In former years I had no problem writing about what I was going through very openly- and sometimes I still feel that way. But this year taught me a lot of lessons, and I began to feel less like I was sharing, and more like I was exposing myself. I started to get a glimpse of why it might be a powerful tool to have a sacred space where women gather and can be vulnerable away from prying eyes and judgement. Where we can better ourselves, ask for help, and connect with people who get it. Doesn’t need to be anything crazy- but a place where we turn inward- toward each other and toward ourselves. Where it doesn’t matter if you post a cool enough photo, or a funny enough caption. Where you can just show up, it private, as yourself, and be relevant.

Because you fucking are.


It’s not so serious, you know.

So here’s the jam. Self Help does not need to be so Self Help-y. It doesn’t need to be observed with such esoteric or out there ideals. Some of the greatest lessons and understandings of process come from me sitting there, laughing with my girlfriends and talking about how this stuff really works. How it’s worked for us in the past, how our greatest successes most of the time came from some of our biggest failures, and just real talk.

There is such power to be had in making transformation accessible. Making it every day conversation worthy. And allowing it to be as fun as it is smart.



I’m going to say this with a huge smile on my face, and a lightness in my voice… But, I don’t want to look at my shit anymore. I don’t want to sit here with a notebook and examine my patterns, I’ve done it. I’ve gone to therapists and I’ve spent money and time on various areas in self discovery. The only thing that finally worked for me, was coaching. Because it is grounded in forward motion. And because One on One coaching isn’t feasible for everyone, the tools that you’ll be offered daily will be able to be implemented one step at a time.

Half layering effect // Half deepening effect.

No matter how you’re looking at it, your life will gain texture.

You’ll be looking forward, and be present in the experience of it. There isn’t one person who won’t benefit from this.

As we move through the month, without a doubt- shit is going to come up. Your patterns are going to show their face. But that’s the beauty of it. You’ll be in a place with people that are going through the exact same things, you’ll be able to connect with them, and with me. We’ll be guided through and cushioned with a plethora of different learnings and offerings to build us up in the area we’ve got our eyes focused on.

I love to learn, and so it’s my job to find the greatest tools- and pass them along to you.


There’s not an aspect of this that is not important. Bettering yourself is something you as a human will always strive for, and being able to be present and experience what you’re creating, as your creating it (i.e. your life) is 1000% attainable.

And being around people who are doing the same thing and having a good time along the way?

Come on. Need I say any more?


Hi, my name is Jackie… and I’m going to be your co-pilot on this badass little, big mission of ours.


Now… Are you ready for What’s Included?

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