How to navigate a flea market
by Amber Whitehouse

Flea Markets are no longer a thing of the past! They are back and they are hip! Filled with so many curiousities and treasures to give your home personality and a lived-in vibe. I love flea markets for the thrill of the hunt and the opportunity to find pieces no one else has. You will love flea markets for their great mix of high and low pieces that you can mix and match to bring life to your home. I made a list of 5 things to remember when navigating flea markets. Happy treasure hunting.  

Navigating Flea Markets: 5 Things to Remember
1.) Arrive early! The best stuff goes first! If you seem something you love, buy it right away, even if it’s the first thing you see, and you think you might find something you like better. You know your style and the things you like, so trust your gut.  
2.) Bring cash and plenty of it! Flea markets are low-tech & charming because of it 🙂 Dealers are typically willing to negotiate the price of items, so don’t be afraid to ask to pay less. Always be fair and respectful to the dealer; this is their living. I like to ask where the item was found because there’s usually a good story to go along with it!
3.) Have a game plan! A no-brainer, but bring a list of what you’re looking for! Simple, right! This prevents distractions and purchasing items you’ll donate later or regret buying. I’ve learned this lesson one too many times! Once you have a plan and know your style, it’s easy to walk around with a laser eye. You don’t have to stop at every table! However, make sure to walk around the flea market at least twice in case you missed something!  
4.) Look around you! Look high and low! My best finds have been cast-offs underneath tables or in the back of the booth! One mans junk is another man’s treasure. 
5.)  Be prepared! In my world, this means CAFFINATE! 🙂 
Also, bring a vehicle big enough for your largest purchase, a tape measure, sunscreen, bottled water, and you’re walkin’ shoes! It’s going to be a long day! 
These days it’s hard to find unique pieces on a budget, if you haven’t tried it go for it, and if nothing else it’s a great way spend a day in the sunshine with friends and see that flea markets have a lot of potential to turn your house into a home.

Amber Whitehouse

Wanderer, lover, fighter, and seeker of all things beautiful and effortless. Amber loves a strong cup of coffee, denim, and country drives. She lives for simple days, sunshine and fresh water. You can find her working in the greenhouse, creating with her hands, or seeking out treasures for her shop.

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