Holly Go (Packing) Lightly
by Samantha Levy

Essentials only, ladies! After years of over-packing, I have found that keeping these five simple tips in mind have helped me master my getaway weekend packing game
1) Soak sessions:  You can always (okay, almost always) find a washer and drier. Double dip that shit! Don’t waste space that can go to new purchases when you can wear the same outfit more than once.

2) (Mini) Shopping spree: As mentioned above, you want to save space for the new. Is it humanly possible to spend a long weekend in New York City without shopping? If you have answered “yes” to this question, please email me and let me know how you’ve managed to accomplish such a feat.

3) Three times a charm: On a long weekend home, I rarely see the same person twice. I do, however, wear the same jeans, T and chunky cardigan on repeat. Can it get a little boring? Hardly. One thing there is plenty of space for is accessories. I pack bracelets, belts, rings and statement pieces that make each outfit uniquely it’s own.

4) Beauty bag: 3oz. plastics are a traveling chic’s best friend. My products aren’t fancy (My momma’s shared secret: baby oil makes for the best eye-makeup remover—ever. You’re welcome.), but they’re mine. A quick Target run will get you inexpensive, reusable plastics to create your own hotel-size version of your favorite at-home goods.

5) The aftermath: Raise your hand if you like unpacking? Exactly. The less you pack to go, the less mess you have when you arrive home. It will feel genuinely awesome to unpack in 10 minutes flat and have the rest of the day just for you–before any real life responsibility sets in.

If that’s not reason enough to keep things light, consider the weight of the matter- literally. This yogini is not willing to risk a shoulder injury over unnecessary heavy lifting.


Samantha Levy

Samantha is an LA transplant who hails from New York. Sam traveled the globe, following her bliss to Australia before finding her serenity on the West Coast. She is now pursuing a suppressed dream of earning her master’s degree in psychology. Writing will always be her first true love, yoga her religion and friends her chosen family.

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