Join Jackie’s Still Lake of the Mind Live Stream Virtual Class
by Jacqueline Smyth

well hello!

First and foremost, a big big welcome. Well, welcome back I should say… It’s been so long since I’ve brought attention to this site, and truth be told- I’ve been under the radar bringing it back to life. This is not the way I thought it would be done, and it’s in no way finished as there are a lot of things being created… but hey, as of now we are people in need of community and so all of the best laid plans, all of the previous decisions, all of the ‘it’s going to go this way’s… They’re gonna have to go right out the window.

My plans actually never really lay out the way I think they should anyway. But if I’ve learned anything at all, when I look back I do always see a greater design that anything I had in mind. And with all that’s going on, I am keeping that so close to my heart.

With that said, when the possibility that shut downs could begin to occur, a student of mine reached out and asked me if I was going to do any virtual classes. So the broad stroke of the equation has been in my mind. The nut and bolts, the details, those are what I really had to question. In this case, and I think any time there’s community under fire, the most important element becomes, what is the intention here?

And finding it has taken a little time and a watchful eye. But what has stuck out to me the most over the last week is the very scattered mindset that panic and fear provide. Each and every day there are more and more changes. And each of those changes bring panic. And they bring fear. And my mind feels like an egg cracked open. Bleeding in as many directions as it can find.

We don’t have control over so much right now. But one thing we can help is how we soothe our minds, and that is the one gift the practice of Tantra has repeatedly given me.

Still lake of the mind

For this online practice, it’ll be centered around the Still Lake of the Mind Kriya. This Kriya is a perfect pairing to a Moon practice. Moon practices are to calm and ground and really reflect the timing of the day, and the body’s need for synchronicity during the later hours.

To expand on the Still Lake of the Mind, imagine you’re standing on the shore of a absolutely still lake. Right above the lake there is bright Full Moon. Imagine how that moon would look, hovering over the glassy surface of the water. The reflection would be perfect. And stunning.

But then you throw a rock in.

Imagine what that does to the reflection. 

Now you launch a handful of rocks right at the surface.

If there’s any reflection left it is shattered and muddy and bleeding together at best.

It is said that this is what happens when we listen to the noise of the mind. Everything gets muddled and you can’t tell what you’re looking at. This Kriya separates and stills.

And for me? That’s what I need now. And I think it’s a good gift to share.

the details

Thursday March 19 6PM $8

Our practice will be a traditional Tantric practice and will last 1 hour 45 min to give time for pranayama, practice, a great savasana, and a full meditation. The meditation is the pot of gold that you get on the rainbow for, so only make your payment if you can stay for the pot of gold.

If you’d like to join in on this practice, it’s fairly simple. It’s offered at $8, and to pay, I’ll be accepting only Venmo payments. You can find me on Venmo at @Jacqueline-Smyth.

In the subject line of what it’s for, please only write your email address. You can send it privately so no one sees your information.

Tomorrow afternoon at 5pm I will send you the Zoom link for our practice by email. Please check your spam if you don’t see it come through. If you haven’t used Zoom before click the link I send you and download the plugin when you get the email, prior to our 6pm PST starting time. When you come into the room I have set it where your camera will automatically be off, and you are muted. It will stay this way. Please select speaker view if it’s not automatic, and you’re good to go.

Please keep in mind I’m going to host this from the comfort of my living room. Nothing fancy, nothing of a super professional nature. Except the content. 🙂

Come with a beginner’s mind, blocks (you can also use books or soup cans), a strap (towel or belt), a blanket, and pillow or couch cushion. This practice has also taught me to love props and encourage everyone to use them. Hold your body’s hand as it opens up… It’ll open up a lot faster when you don’t push it.

As will your mind. And that’s exactly why we do these practices. To hold our own hands in a gesture of healing, and of being held.

notes on Tantra

In the last year and a half, I found the practice of Tantra. I don’t want to say very much here, as the practice- and the after effects if done as prescribed really speak for themselves.

I’m noting it simply to say, my teachings are very unlike what they used to be- and very unlike what you’ll find in about 99% of classes in America. And I could not love their current standings more. It’s very different than Vinyasa, and so the beginner’s mind is essential if you’d like to come.

It challenges the mind much more than it does the body, but the payoff is above and beyond even the best of Savasana’s.

So looking forward to sharing my practice with you.




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